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Who we are?
Les Artisans Lao is a social venture allowing disadvantaged, uneducated and often marginalized people, read more...
COCO House -
Known as the 'tree of life', the coconut palm provides the basis for the Les Artisans Lao idea. read more...
Payanak coco Payanak coco Payanak coco
COCO Lab -
The centre's coconut laboratory is dedicated to harnessing the miracle qualities of the coconut and . read more...
coco lab
Wood & Paper House -
Laos is rich in natural materials that people have long used to create a variety of beautiful natural papers. Palm leaves, mulberry bark, read more...
Forge House -
The forge or "maison de feu" (House of Fire) is the Centre's hot house, read more...
Who we are?
Coco Hourse
Coco Lab
wood and paper Hourse
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